We are thrilled to reveal a very special edition of Architectural Design magazine: STUFISH Entertainment Architecture

This issue of AD looks at the work of STUFISH Entertainment Architects, known for their bespoke venues and rock music stage sets for bands including the Rolling Stones, U2 and Pink Floyd, the studio is a recognised leader in entertainment architecture.

Entertainment architecture is a highly innovative, creative endeavour, producing ever-more elaborate, architectural spectacles. This issue visits the many facets of STUFISH – its history and design process, audience memory and experience –exploring the story behind and evolution of this particular brand of popular culture and its spatial manifestations, and touching on what the future may hold for it.


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This editions contributors are:

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Leonard Auerbach
Victoria Broackes
Peter Cook
Adam Davis
Haidy Geismar
Robert Kronenburg
Ash Nehru
Aubrey Powell
Neil Thomas
Willie Williams
Patrick Woodroffe
MAciej Woroniecki

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