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STUFISH Entertainment Architects have unveiled their latest installation, ‘Vision 2030 Portals’, at Cityscape 2023 in Saudi Arabia. The mirrored tunnel installation showcases the ambitious giga-projects of Saudi Vision 2030 through a series of choreographed future-scapes.

Across four days at the Riyadh Front Expo Centre, the installation welcomed visitors worldwide with a unique immersive experience. Within the installation, the mirrored tunnel is segmented by ‘slices’, which partition the seemingly infinite tunnel into a series of unique future world environments.


MAciej Woroniecki

partner at STUFISH Entertainment Architects

‘With the experience, from the entry of the tunnel to the exit, lasting 45 seconds we wanted to make the transitions mesmerising enough for people to want to return and experience each type’

Event Detail

At 40m long, 7m high and 3m wide, Vision 2030 Portals consists of seven kaleidoscopiczones, each playing footage of giga projects from NEOM, ROSHN, Qiddiya, Jeddah Central, NCH and Red Sea Global, currently underway in Saudi Arabia. Each zone highlights different projects within the Saudi Vision 2030 program, including The Line, a zero-carbon city with “vertically layered” buildings for work, living and leisure; Oxagon, the world’s first and largest fully automated port and integrated logistics port and AlUla, billed as the world’s largest living museum.

The footage throughout the installation cycles every 45 seconds with 15-second transitions for a seamless loop. The transitions vary, from wind to wave washes throughout the space, as well as graphical gross-dissolves that allow visitors to experience the changing moments of the experience comfortably.

Constructed using LED floor tiles and tension mirror surface, the installation wraps and reflects around the visitor, creating a seamless and endless personal experience. As visitors move through the zones and look back, mirrors from above reflect the tunnel’s previous giga-projects of Saudi Arabia. The symbology behind the mirrors highlights that as we continue to move forward, we must reference what is behind us, and learn from the past to improve and make a better future.

Vision 2030 Portals is STUFISH’s second installation in Saudi Arabia. In 2022, STUFISH unveiled the world’s largest kaleidoscope at the 2022 LEAP One Eye On The Stars conference. At 40m long, 6m high and 3m wide, the kaleidoscope is the world’s largest of its kind, designed with seamless and warp-less mirrors to achieve an ever-expanding environment. Representing the natural stratification of Saudi Arabia, the installation provided visitors with a journey from the bottom of the sea to the sky and stars above the Arabian Peninsula.

This year alone, STUFISH has been responsible for creating some of the most monumental and innovative live experiences worldwide, including The Coronation Concert of His Majesty King Charles III, and Beyonce’s Renaissance tour.

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