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London Wednesday 2nd February 2022 – STUFISH Entertainment Architects have today unveiled the world’s largest kaleidoscope featured at the 2022 LEAP One Eye On the Stars Conference in Saudi Arabia, taking place from 01 – 03 Feb.

Across three days at the Riyadh Front Expo Centre, the tech inspired installation welcomed the audience with a unique immersive experience. Within the installation visitors were exposed to scenes of Saudi Arabia’s natural environment layered with digitally transforming content that mirrors the countries commitment and investment in technology moving toward the future.

At 40m long, 6m high and 3m wide, the kaleidoscope is the world’s largest of its kind, designed with seamless and warp-less mirrors to achieve an ever-expanding environment. Representing the natural stratification of Saudi Arabia, the installation takes visitors on a journey from the bottom of the sea to the sky and stars above the Arabian Peninsula.



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MAciej Woroniecki,

partner at STUFISH Entertainment Architects

“Our kaleidoscope is meant to represent how a simple and considered design, when supported with a material that can scale as intended, can return an experience that is far larger than what was built and what is anticipated. We feel this is the epitome of efficiency and sustainability in architecture”.

The installation was carefully designed with two triangular entry and exit openings at either end that didn’t disrupt the seamless content reflected within the kaleidoscope, providing an immersive experience for all who walked through. To create the journey from the sea to the stars, LED floor and wall tiles were used, which were reflected by the large 6m high mirrors, creating the expanding environment.

Taking place annually in Saudi Arabia, LEAP is the global platform and unique event for future technologies attended by the most disruptive technology professionals from around the world. It is the place where progress accelerates the most and the latest cutting-edge technologies are getting adapted first. As well as the design team behind the mammoth installation, STUFISH were also the content designers of the kaleidoscope.


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